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We've had some belters from time-to-time, in fact so many that we'd thought we'd  bring you a page all about the FTQL's most famous remembered quotes.  If you've got any you think should be included, you know what to do...get in touch.  So to start you off...

Individual question, to Steve "the Dude" Scott sometime in year one 1991-92.

"Which former cabinet minister has the same name as a jazz trumpeter"

Dude - "Eddie Calvert"

A second individual effort from the Dude, again in year one.

Question - "What is 40% as a vulgar fraction?"

Dude - "Twenty...oh no, sorry, forgot to double it".

Bryan Milner, to Harry Beevers (who had set the questions), at the first ever FTQL Finals night, at the Bridge Inn, Whitwood, just after the Junction had been walloped in the Final by the Golden Lion (now Railwaymen).

BM "Those questions Harry, they were crap".

HB "Not as crap as your answers..."

Lorne Mosley, to Iain Barton, at Counting House Kings vs Rustic Nomads match.

"It's sad when it takes over your life, isn't it..."


Mick Cass, time and place unknown...

"There's no such place as central America".

Another individual beauty from the Dude, in around 2005.

Question - "Which "CD" was a famous 1960s fashion designer"

Dude - "Erm, I know this, I know this.  Ah, got it...Celine Dion"

Unknown questioner - 2009

"Who's this Steve Kidd then?"

Answer - "He's a knob".

Jodie Payne (of Flanagan's) -
"I wouldn't call him a knob...I'd call him a cock".

No. 8 - 19.4.10
Individual question - to Nick Clapham (of Olde Church Taverners)

Question - "Who was the mother of Queen Mary I of England".

Nick - "Henry VIII".
No.9 - Recentish...
Team Question - to Flanagan's New Dudes
Question - "The Battle of Kursk was the biggest battle in history fought between what type of instrument of warfare?"
The Dude - having been told the answer - "Are you sure it's tanks not submarines?"