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The FTQL All-Time League Appearances

All-time FTQL League appearances by total

All-time FTQL League appearances by first name

All-time FTQL league appearances by last known team

This is a table that I have been keeping from day one of the FTQL.  It is constituted of league appearances only and you will see some familiar names on there, along with some not-so-familiar ones.  There are 722 different people have appeared in league matches in the FTQL and at the end of the current season (2017-18), 147 individuals who have made the sum total of one single FTQL league appearance in 27 years and there are 81 people who have made 100 or more FTQL league appearances in that period.
There are three versions of the table here, one sorted by first name, one sorted by last known team name and one sorted by total FTQL league appearances.
Totals in blue squares - played in all 27 seasons of the FTQL
Totals in red squares - played in 26 seasons of the FTQL (ie all but one)
Names highlighted in blue - played on Day One of the FTQL 28.10.91
Names highlighted in yellow - given Day One status by virtue of having a bye week or default match on week 1 (28.10.91).

Leading Appearance Maker as at 23.3.18 (27th league season end)
Steve 'the Dude' Scott - 404 league appearances

Second leading as at 27.3.17 (27th league season end)
Martin Saul - 402
Played in all 27 seasons of the FTQL
Steve Scott
Debby Aspland
Chris Cobb
David Leigh
Played in 26 of 27 seasons of the FTQL
Chris Mitchell
Keith King
And of course, if anyone sees anything that they think is in error, and which you think you can prove, please get in touch with the Secretary and we'll er, talk about it!