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Minutes of most recent AGM (Monday 4 September 2017)

The Five Towns Quiz League Annual General Meeting
held on Monday 4th September 2017
at the RAFA Vulcan Club, Pontefract.

Meeting opened: 8.10pm.

Committee Present: Brenda Clayforth (Chair); Simon Curtis (Secretary & Treasurer); Neil & Debby Aspland (Committee members).
Apologies: Geoff Swain (Committee member).
Teams represented: Flanagan’s Army, G-Fivers, Kippax Ex-Service Club, Last Orders, Leading Ladies, Olde Taverners, RAFA Vulcan Club, Railwaymen, Rockin’ Gladiators and Wanderers.
Apologies: Crofton WMC, Featherstone Phoenix and Golden Lion Dudes.
Teams for 2017-18:
No new teams this year. The secretary had sent out a mailshot and there had been interest from the Windmill pub in Pontefract; however, that pub had since closed. There was an interest to join the League from the Bowling Club in Pontefract. They have no players but they would be able to provide a venue should a team require one. The Last Orders team have changed venues and would now play at the RAFA Vulcan Club as a separate team. Their team would consist of half of the Last Orders and some of the Vulcan team. The Leading Ladies will no longer be playing from the Olde Tavern. Their venue will be confirmed before the Charity Night. The teams for the 2017-18 season would be 14. This will mean 7 teams in each division. After a discussion with League members it was decided that the new RAFA team will be part of Division 1 as they are a continuation of the Last Orders.
Brenda Clayforth has resigned from Chair as she is moving home due to health reasons. League members gave her their thanks and best wishes. She will no longer play in the Five Towns Quiz League but her team, the G-Fivers, will carry on. As the only nominee, Debby Aspland will take over the role of Chair and Stuart Topps was voted in as a new committee member.
The balance sheet was shown and approved. Subscriptions will remain the same at £4 per team per game. However, concern was raised over the League’s proposed balance by the end of the season as, after paying for the Anniversary Quiz, funds have been depleted. There was concern that, if any fees were unpaid, the League could find itself in the red. This led to a discussion on two things: (i) whether a deposit/joining fee should be paid up front by new teams and (ii) who should pay for cancelled matches.  It was decided that any new teams would pay £20 at the start of the season and that cancelled games would remain that the team who cancelled the game would pay the match fee for both teams.
It was decided that Phil Garner should continue as setter for the season 2017/18. Kippax requested to be able to compare Division 1 and 2 questions at the Mid-Season Meeting in December. The format of the quiz will remain the same.
Any Other Business
Monday 25th September 2017: Charity Night, Railway Inn, Pontefract. A quiz setter will be required for this.
Monday 2nd October 2017: League games begin.
Meeting closed: 9.10pm - minute taker Debby Aspland.