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Minutes of most recent AGM (Monday 5 September 2016)

The Five Towns Quiz League Annual General Meeting
5th September 2016
Golden Lion Ferrybridge

Meeting opened: 8.05pm. 

Committee Present: Brenda Clayforth (Chair); Simon Curtis (Secretary & Treasurer); Neil & Debby Aspland (Committee members).

Apologies: Geoff Swain (Committee Member). 

Teams represented: Flanagan’s Army, G-Fivers, Golden Lion Dudes, Kippax Ex-Service Club, Last Orders, Leading Ladies, Olde Taverners, RAFA Vulcan Club, Railwaymen.

Apologies: Crofton WMC & Wanderers.


1. The Secretary informed members that the FTQL had lost two teams this year – Plough and Upton Army - due to illness of team members.
2. No teams had requested to join the League so it was decided to have 7 teams in each division. A discussion was held whether to have one or two teams promoted/relegated. Following a vote (one vote per team) it was decided 6-4 that one team would be promoted and one relegated. The Last Orders would be promoted and G-Fivers would join Division Two.
3. No changes were made to the committee.
4. The accounts show a positive balance of over £900, some of which will be spent on the twenty-fifth Anniversary Quiz celebration at the King’s Croft on Monday 12th September 2016.  The funds will go towards a pie-and-peas supper and raffle prizes. Money from the raffle will go towards a charity as usual. After discussion, this year’s chosen charity will be Dr Jackson’s Cancer Charity.
5. Subscriptions will remain at £4 per team per quiz.
6. Phil Garner will remain as Questionsetter, although it was suggested by some members that we request some improvement in clarity/readability in the wording of the questions.
7. A discussion was held over a change to the format of question order in all rounds - except written rounds - where they would become the same as Round 6 (commonly known as the ‘Pick a Number’ round) but this was rejected. An agreement was reached that the format would remain as it is.
8. There still appears to be some confusion over which team is responsible for posting scoresheets after matches. The official procedure is that the winning team posts the sheet. However, some members would prefer it to be the home team as this would be fairer in terms of cost. A vote of members (one vote per team) favoured keeping the present arrangement by 7-3.
9. Dates for the diary: Monday 12th September: 25th Anniversary Quiz. Monday 3rd October: League games begin.
Meeting closed: 9.15pm.  Debby Aspland - minute taker.