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Lies, damned lies, statistics
and the history of the Five Towns Quiz League...


I'd been meaning for a while do a historical stats section for ftql.com, but it was just a matter of finding the time to make a start on it.  So, in short, here it is, the full hysterical history of the 31 seasons of the Five Towns Quiz League.
Re Finals' Night photographs - if you wonder why some individual photographs are missing, please take into account that on more than one occasion the newspaper were sent the negatives of the Finals' Night photographs and then failed to return and subsequently lost them, so that would be the reason why.
So, having said all that, here goes...let's take a stroll down memory lane with Archie Ives...

FTQL 1991-92

FTQL 1992-93

FTQL 1993-94

FTQL 1994-95

FTQL 1995-96

FTQL 1996-97

FTQL 1997-98

FTQL 1998-99

FTQL 1999-00

FTQL 2000-01

FTQL 2001-02

FTQL 2002-03

FTQL 2003-04

FTQL 2004-05

FTQL 2005-06

FTQL 2006-07

FTQL 2007-08

FTQL 2008-09

FTQL 2009-10

FTQL 2010-11

FTQL 2011-12

FTQL 2012-13

FTQL 2013-14

FTQL 2014-15

FTQL 2015-16

FTQL 2016-17

FTQL 2017-18

FTQL 2018-19

FTQL 2019-20

FTQL 2020-21

FTQL 2021-22

FTQL 2022-23

Player All-Time League Appearances table. Click here.

FTQL Finals Night venues table.

Archive of the Finals' Night Programmes

All the pubs that have ever been in the Five Towns Quiz League...