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Gone but not forgotten - David Steer


Obituary written by David's son Michael Steer.

When I was sixteen, I failed miserably at getting served in the Greyhound and embarked on a sober dejected trudge home.  About halfway back my mood darkened further when I realised I had forgotten my keys.  As this was a pre-mobile phone era, I was left with only one option and that was to go to the pub where my parents were and ask for their keys.  As fate would have it, their chosen form of evening entertainment was the Carleton pub quiz.  As my Mum fished in her bag for the keys, my Dad fired a few questions that they didn't know at me.  After supplying the answers to a couple of film and music ones, it was decided that I wouldn't go home, I would instead form part of the team.  That started a 26-year partnership where, by conservative estimation we must have teamed up for over 2000 quizzes,, that continues all the way up to the end.

My Dad joined the FTQL shortly after I did and always looked forward to Monday night and the closest we ever got to competing in a team sport.  For about 12 years he constantly claimed to be the weakest player on our team and offered to read, only to be told to sit down and play and come up with the answers that no-one on the team had the first clue about.

One of the last conversations I had with him was about the quiz league.  Sadly, he was on holiday when we won the Knockout Cup, so wasn't part of the team, so I took the trophy into hospital and he punched the air in delight.  It seems unthinkable that on future Mondays he won't be sat opposite me suprising everyone with his knowledge of rare African birds or cursing loudly as he selects the individual question about pop music.  He will be missed so much by all of us and I hope that the quizzes where he is now have a good selection of after-match food.

David Steer - died 2019.  Obituary by Michael Steer.

David's funeral will take place at the Pontefract Crematorium on Wednesday 26 June at 12.20pm and afterwards at the King's Croft Hotel.

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