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Gone but not forgotten - Cliff Cordingley


Cliff Cordingley - Cliff was one of the great Day-Oners of the Five Towns Quiz League.  He was instrumental in setting up the Hightown Hotel Hotel quiz team which entered the league in fthe first year of the league and he went on to make 127 league appearances with that team, whether they be there at the Hightown or in the Castleford Anglers WMC where they moved to after a few years, where we used to hold the Handicap Cup Final and Fifteen-to-One competition as it was then every year and this was because Cliff secured sponsorship for the competition for us from his employer Royal Mail, with whom he was a postman.  Cliff once, particularly memorably, put in a request to Harry Beevers the setter at that time, for a round on jazz music, which was granted.
Cliff was an enthusiast for both quizzing and the organisation we had set up to quiz competitively and so had a spell as Chairman of the Five Towns Quiz League and he retired from quizzing some years before he passed on in 2010 after a number of years of ill-health.  A true Day-Oner of the Five Towns Quiz League.


Cliff Cordingley - died 2010.

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