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Gone but not forgotten - Syd Tebbett


Syd Tebbett - Syd was one of the gentlemen of the Five Towns' Quiz League.  He had a brief early involvement with the league when leading a one season team based at the Barnsley Oak in Minsthorpe but really came into his own when joining up with and becoming the leading light in a team put together by Steve 'Dude' Scott that ran away with the Second Division in 2006/07.  They then moved closer to home and won the Second Division again in 2010/11 under the name the Upton Army, playing in one or two other venues before Syd had to retire due to the ill-health that eventually took him away in 2016.

Syd was the most unassuming and polite man you could wish to meet, always with an opinion but not overbearingly so and he could always also go into chapter and verse about the facts surrounding a question and sometimes why the questionsetter was wrong, but all-in-all Syd was a very pleasant chap and one of those nature's nice guys that always seem to get taken away first.  He had a lovely funeral service in South Elmsall and very well attended it was too, he was obviously a popular guy.

Syd Tebbett - died 2016

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